About us

ARTOLDO is an Award-Winning creative collective featuring the film directors Sara Ferro and Chris Weil, with a focus on feature documentaries, arthouse movies, and experimental shorts. Their goal is to expand the conscious mind by using hypnosis and psychedelic approaches for their Avant-garde cinema. Moreover, the duo creates Audiovisual Shows, Cinebitions, Expanded Cinema experiences, Moving Images, Video Art installations, and Virtual Exhibitions. Besides their work as filmmakers and new media artists, they organize 3 Independent International Film Festivals in order to support the community and curate a Subscription Video on Demand streaming platform presenting indie films from all over the world.

Film Production


Beautiful motion pictures in high resolution up to 4K.

Sound Recording

Brilliant voices and powerful audio atmospheres.

Video Editing

Creative cuts, collages, and compositions of moving images.


Exclusive stories, interviews, and locations.

Global Distribution

Watch our films whenever and wherever you want.

Independent Film

Amazing films made with love in Europe, Italy.





Film Festivals


We often get asked about the passion and significance of our work. Please find attached a summary of past interviews. Do you want to learn more? Get in touch and contact us.


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