Chris Weil

Chris Weil: Film director

Chris Weil (*March 2, 1988, Bad Nauheim) is an award-winning German Filmmaker and New Media Artist, who lives and works in Italy.




Chris Weil fancies to crack systems, to detect their weakest link, just for the sake of an all winner solution. With the characteristics of a very dextrous system analyst, he is yet much more led from an artistic kind of creativity and from his innate German idealism, which mixture makes him a doer with the soul of a philosopher. Former senior video editor at the national broadcast station ARD / Bayerischer Rundfunk, he developed his career further in direction of directing, curation, and filmmaking, co-grounding Artoldo Pictures. Much more than only an accomplished digital specialist, he is a skillful cinematographer and imaginative screenwriter with a bombastic sense of rhythm and storytelling.