Sara Ferro

Sara Ferro: Film director

Sara Ferro (*May 11, 1977, Milan) is an award-winning Italian Filmmaker and New Media Artist, who lives and works in Italy.




Sara Ferro, born on May 11, 1977 in Milan, is an award-winning Italian filmmaker who produces international works all around Europe. In 2008 she graduated as M.A. in Sociology of Media & Communication, writing her thesis “Per una sociologia della nostalgia. Il caso della ex-DDR”. Since then she has lived in Milan, Berlin, London, Venice, Munich, Turin, Genoa studying and working on different types of projects in different kind of fields. From fashion, art, literature, book antiquary to cinema. Her curiosity on cultures and the structures behind them took her on a great journey across many places and different cultures, learning not only their traditions but also the language of the country as it is the bridge to the social mind of the community. Actually she speaks and writes fluently Italian, German, English and is learning French. The results of this passion are many multilingual works in form of literary translations, international feature documentary film productions and last but not least the organization of different international film festivals in her role as director and programmer. After her career in several companies across Italy, England and Germany, among them well-known brands of diverse industries, she decided to start her own business and founded in 2015 together with her partner Chris Weil the media house Artoldo most known for its feature documentaries but also an uprising in arthouse films, video art, expanded cinema installations, and exhibitions. Her focus lies not only on the academical exploration of cultural heritage and approaching it artistically but also in its adaptation, remixing and creation of intellectual collages developing her own style. Besides the realization of multimedia and audiovisual projects she acts also as a performer in her fictional role known as Wundersaar playing different characters in experimental short movies and avant-garde films.