Collections: Chris Weil


Collect all KARMA to reach the next level. FALL!NG – Escape your subconscious mind by falling deeper and deeper into the unknown of your soul. Unlock secret potential of your Yin and yang.


Capture the dark antimatter particles to unlock secret portals into different dimensions. A 3D FPS responsive ZEN shooter for Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and PC. Let’s play!

Black Sudo Rising

Look into the deep black space of your Third Eye and start a journey to your inner self.

The Luther Blissett Legacy

A collection of 428 video artworks created by ARTOLDO crypto in memory of the super folk hero Luther Blissett (1994-1999). The work reflects on the different selves of the Luther Blissett pseudonym which was used by hundreds of left-wing artists in Europe to produce art, perform pranks, and publish books.

Prampolini-Menarini Express

A found footage / object film: the colorful 1960s in Italy, a joyful time, live-giving coating of born-again found images, re-animated, examined, reviewed in a past time, revisited.


Explore experimental films in Virtual Reality on your Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

C.G. Jung on Alchemy

Discover the private rare book collection of C.G. Jung and learn more about his works on alchemy.

Dio No No War

A series of Moving Images against the war in Ukraine. Make Art Not War. Peace for the People. Freedom!

Achtung Banditen?!

Immersive VR installation for Smartphone, Tablet and PC, in memory of the victims based on the Atlas of Nazi and Fascist Massacres in Italy.

Plant X

When a Code War strikes on plants and transforms them into bits and bytes, there will be only left 0 and 1. Digital fragments of memories reproduce themselves into inherent loops of mutations painting dreams of peace and freedom. What will be our new reality?