Collections: Chris Weil


Pegasus viz. incorruptibility undergoes a stress test to prove its name. Will his code of chivalry stand the attempts at corruption? Here we have four situations in which he gets proved. Criminal solicitations interfere digitally in the shape of data moshing. He takes a rough ride onto the mosh pit of the blockchain. Cybercryptocy video art meets classical Greek mythology.


To fly a – way from/out of death, don’t hire a taxidermist but take a ride in this taxidrome! Series of 41 Moving Images – this analogy is possible being conservation at its core rescuing what really matters in the world, like nature, habitats, science and art. It is vital. Yet in a continuously changing environment, the flipside of conservation becomes and here it is where the vital feature of conservation becomes its lifelike trait, a fictive life, a fake life. The embalming process consists of 1) imparting a balmy essence to the dead body, as in the ancient world, 2) by filling its blood vessels with formaldehyde to prevent putrification, as in the modern world, although recently with more regard towards more natural treatments, as for instance in bio-art. To embalm also means to “preserve from oblivion”, and “to cause to remain unchanged”, “to prevent the development of something”.

Glitching Offshore

If a machine would possess a soul it might be a beach. Every single sand corn symbolizes a data-set of a memory captured in the world wide web saved deep down in the ocean. From there the bytes condense and finally reach the cloud. But how would it feel for a machine to see the glitch waves and feeling the shore stones on its case? What would be the colours of the coastline? Glitching Offshore tries to portrait the soul of an AI and the universe behind it. Glitching offshore, alike drifting away as in a psychogeographical dérive (furthermore, away from the “rive”: bank) where human intentional yet chaotic action is substituted by pixels’ stirrings of the soul.

Mascara Cartridge Déjà War

The world is an enduring war theatre. Perhaps because it’s a men’s world? When cast in such a set women try to play out all their means, even performing a sad joy division or bowing down like a poor little thing. This in spite of being a fierce partisan or a tactical guerrilla expert. The world is either a repeating making up of the same actions, as in the movements necessary for the make-up moment, every single day. Persisting like a waterproof mascara – but will it alike prove itself bulletproof too? I guess no, a mascara can only be more or less dramatic. Like in a recrudescing war against more natural habits, occurring at large in the world theatre.

Butterfly 360°

The 360° cinematic VR project tells the story of a peaceful environment featuring a rare case phenomena where a swarm of butterflies is nurturing itself by eating the nectar of flowers showing the beauty but also the fragility of a complex ecosystem. The video installation is configured to work as an interactive 360° experience where the spectator can view the untouched nature by moving / grabbing / touching the nature by his / her hands (mouse) but offers also the possibility to be screened large scale as a flat video loop on a wall, building or in cinema.

Synecdoche Turin

It’s often a sense of shakiness which emerges in seeking affordable rent. Furthermore, leasing a real estate in the time of Covid it’s an enough though enterprise due to the different restrictions in moving freely and without any fear even visiting the venue, still not to mention the angst before the future that a change in life like a relocation involves so that everything starts spinning around. Such a pretty much postmodern sensation should have had Hazel in the Synecdoche, New York by Charlie Kaufman when she rents a burning house, which becomes quite her home yet with this persisting sense of precarity still not precluding to keep going. The experience is now translocated in another city, Turin. It still remains a burning house in a burning city, however it becomes home to someone.


H(o)me(o)pa®t(h)y is a home entertainment healing system based on Homoeopathic medicine which one can at least to a certain extent autonomously manage as first aid tool, if you are skilled enough. As an allusion to David Cronenberg’s Videodrome where the president of a trashy TV channel, Max Renn is desperate for new programming to attract viewers by establishing a new TV show dedicated to torture and punishment, H(o)me(o)pa®t(h)y instead is based on joy and healing. But will there be an overdose of globules? Insert 1 globules and start your solo home party! Cure yourself on so many occasions and relive a full relief. Your own H(o)me(o)pa®t(h)y kit is now available. Don’t worry, be homoeopathic!

Queen of the Luna Parking

Queen of the Luna Par(k)ing is a moving image produced by Sara Ferro and Chris Weil. The title itself is a combination of the element moon (from the Italian “luna” ) shining over a parking slot, where a girl is waiting for encountering someone, perhaps the king of the luna park. While acting in the gap of certainties like a lonely queen the moonshine splits its aura into the colours red/blue/yellow, interpreting the interstellar communication signals of Voyager 1 launched by the NASA in 1977. Exactly the year when the protagonist Wundersaar (Luna Queen) was born. Therefore the journey of the Voyager space probe can be seen as a metaphor for the expedition of every human being discovering the unknown in the deep space of life.


In the nearby future, the Gulf stream may certainly collapse in itself as the percentage of saltwater and sweet water in the oceans is changing dramatically. More and more glaciers are melting worldwide introducing an enormous amount of sweet water into the seas which causes a disbalance of the ocean water streams. There will be not only a rise of the sea levels which may flood coast by cities but also the “power engine” of the Gulf stream which is the “heating system” for Northern Europe is losing its force and energy. Therefore parts of the earth might become very cold and at the same point other parts too hot to live on. So the equilibrium of the earth’s temperature is going to be mad. Is there any escape? Maybe leaving mother earth to explore the deep space of our universe? There will be neither sounds nor noises, only freezing silence as there is no echo, no resonance in space. 12×12 Moving Images = 144 moments of cold space


TEMPORALLY tells the story of an Italian thunderstorm through the eyes of a Japanese painter. The lightning itself fusions with its environment and creates a hypnotic point of view. The sound in the video was recorded on the occasion of the exceptionally high water alert in Venice, Italy. The alarm is composed of two parts. The first was the sirene in use under bombardments during WW2, whereas the second is designed by the University of Venice and should be heard during all the sleep phases, yet not causing any panic. The images themselves were shot during multiple thunderstorms in the mountains between Lake Lugano and Lake Como. So, an interplay of salt and sweet water. Furthermore, the title TEMPORALLY is a combination of the Italian word for storm “temporale”, and the word for atmospheric weather “tempo” which in English means rhythm and rally, thus a race of lightning, in the end, following in a recovery.