Collections: Chris Weil

Super Vario Birds

Bits and blocks are the home of the Super Vario Birds who are dancing to the 8bit symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven.

WhimSeaCall – Nocturnal Sea

WhimSeaCall or a whimsical call from the sea, a rinvigourating allegorical swim in the alchemical archetype of the Red Sea otherwise hinting at the blackest dead sea of the unconscious performed on a black sun shore of an Italian coastline with harbour landscape in the background reminding the relation of the psyche to its environment. On that liminality the mare magnum is the canopy of the secreto secretorum once revealed to the great Alexander Magnum and tonight to a woman.


Hunting, a vicious merry go round, a carousel for savage adults against wildlife. Avoid the circular logic of thinking about hunting in a roundabout way. Hunting must be stopped now, discursive roundabouts about the possibility of regulating it are circumlocutory escape routes! In this video, you hear ouzels singing in a cellar, deprived of sunlight, exploited and commodified, sold as call birds. Ouzels are highly sought for their wondrous vocalization. In turn, as in a death carousel, they are then used for attracting other birds that will be killed by legalized exterminators, otherwise called hunters.

Super Sauber

A dream where obsession for German as a second language mixes up with an obsession for neatness and cleanliness as a distinctive feature of the national culture in question seen from the perspective of a foreigner. The dream is not a nightmare only because the set it is dreamt into is the seashore of the mare nostrum, where the dreaming subject is perfectly at home. A homeland which she, in turn, in her more secret thus naïf dreams would dream of being cleaner and tidier as in the reality, especially in front of such beauty of nature. As is right and proper.

Paleo Impulse

Paleo is a video clip shoot at the famous homonymous music festival in the French canton Vaud in Switzerland where many hippy techno-pagans gather every summer since from 1977. The editing style is a tribute to the reworking of the psychedelic theories and to the new age dissemination within the rave culture in early 90’s from the perspective of a late second decade of the new millennium. In the footage, anyway, the ritual ingestion is symbolically replaced by a liberating dancing through a powerful fast montage which epitomizes the frenzy of the intoxication achieved through psychedelic plants. A revival of a revival of a revival.

Ugo Dossi – Art and Space

The figurative artist Ugo Dossi presented his works in the field of metaphysics, astronomy and the cosmos, hypnosis, telepathy, tarot, alchemy, collective subconscious, Franz Anton Mesmer and Wilhelm Reich two times at the Documenta in Kassel and twice at the Biennale in Venice as well as in many other international exhibitions and museums. The documentary offers exclusive impressions and views into the atelier of the Bavarian artist and explains the deeper meaning of his artworks. Moreover, we are going to talk about the system and history of the tarot and the method of automatic drawing designed by the artist himself. Furthermore, we will have a look at the questions of relative liberty and the own me in correlation to the whole view of the universe.

The Ritman Library: Amsterdam

The Ritman Library Amsterdam: Discover a library with over 23.000 books in the fields of Alchemy, Hermetica, Cabala, Magic, Rosicrucianism and Mystic! Watch legendary first editions, rare books, manuscripts and learn more about the hidden stories and secret symbols of Esotericism… Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica: How old rare books about the divine essence of things, the hidden reality behind the curtain of visible life can be the first companions for a soul seeking for an inner path of spirituality and how this path can be as well of cosmological nature, bringing to the comprehension of the intimate relationship between Microcosmos and Macrocosmos. How the rediscovery in older printings of betrayed knowledge and concealed truths can ignite a transcendent spark, help to pass a sort of mystical gate and find access to a circle of initiates. In a symbolical alchemical transmutation of the own reality. How some ancient metaphysical Traditions can incorporate the Inviolable, Absolute and Permanent. How a certain particular world of bibliophiles and bibliomaniacs ticks, what motivate them and how to become comfortable with auction while you build up your library – and above all why to build up a library. Understanding books as an engine of cultural revolutions and as a heritage of hard-fought theories and vexed authors, whom we can now enjoy freely. The founder of the BPH Joost Ritman, the director of the library Esther Ritman, the bibliographical team with Cis van Heertum and José Bouman tell us about all this, while Dr. Marco Pasi from the University of Amsterdam narrates the wonderful and captivating history of Western Esotericism.