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0 h 02 min
In the nearby future, the Gulf stream may certainly collapse in itself as the percentage of saltwater and sweet water in the oceans is changing dramatically. More and more glaciers are melting worldwide introducing an enormous amount of sweet water into the seas which causes a disbalance of the ocean water streams. There will be not only a rise of the sea levels which may flood coast by cities but also the "power engine" of the Gulf stream which is the "heating system" for Northern Europe is losing its force and energy. Therefore parts of the earth might become very cold and at the same point other parts too hot to live on. So the equilibrium of the earth's temperature is going to be mad. Is there any escape? Maybe leaving mother earth to explore the deep space of our universe? There will be neither sounds nor noises, only freezing silence as there is no echo, no resonance in space. 12x12 Moving Images = 144 moments of cold space
Sara Ferro, Chris Weil