Ugo Dossi – documentary

Ugo Dossi – Art and Space

The figurative artist Ugo Dossi shows his artworks in the field of metaphysics, astronomy, cosmos, tarot, hypnosis, telepathy, alchemy, collective subconscious, Franz Anton Mesmer, Wilhelm Reich and explains the deeper meaning of his works and ideas…

Cast: Ugo Dossi

Directors: Sara Ferro, Chris Weil

Ugo Dossi – Figurative Artist

The documentary offers exclusive impressions and views into the atelier of the Bavarian artist and explains the deeper meaning of his artworks. Moreover, we are going to talk about the system and history of the tarot and the method of automatic drawing designed by the artist himself. Furthermore, we will have a look at the questions of relative liberty and the own me in correlation to the whole view of the universe.

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