Capture the dark antimatter particles to unlock secret portals into different dimensions. A 3D FPS responsive ZEN shooter for Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and PC. Let’s play!

Black Sudo Rising

Look into the deep black space of your Third Eye and start a journey to your inner self.


Explore experimental films in Virtual Reality on your Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Achtung Banditen?!

Immersive VR installation for Smartphone, Tablet and PC, in memory of the victims based on the Atlas of Nazi and Fascist Massacres in Italy.

Butterfly 360°

The 360° cinematic VR project tells the story of a peaceful environment featuring a rare case phenomena where a swarm of butterflies is nurturing itself by eating the nectar of flowers showing the beauty but also the fragility of a complex ecosystem. The video installation is configured to work as an interactive 360° experience where the spectator can view the untouched nature by moving / grabbing / touching the nature by his / her hands (mouse) but offers also the possibility to be screened large scale as a flat video loop on a wall, building or in cinema.