Artoldo Pictures - Independent film and cinema

Sara Ferro and Chris Weil


Beautiful motion pictures in high resolution up to 4K.

Sound recording

Brilliant voices and powerful audio atmospheres.

Video editing

Creative cuts, collages and compositions of moving images.

Global distribution

Watch our films whenever and wherever you want.

Feature documentaries

Amazing films made with love in Europe, Italy.

Streaming, Download and Video on Demand

Watch documentary films by Artoldo Pictures directly online and stream them on your Television, Smart TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Please choose your favourite title below:

The Ritman Library - Amsterdam

Discover a library with over 23.000 books in the fields of Alchemy, Hermetica, Cabala, Magic, Rosicrucianism and Mystic! Watch legendary first editions, rare books, manuscripts and learn more about the hidden stories and secret symbols of Esotericism...

Ugo Dossi - Art and Space

The figurative artist Ugo Dossi shows his artworks in the field of metaphysics, astronomy, cosmos, tarot, hypnosis, telepathy, alchemy, collective subconscious, Franz Anton Mesmer, Wilhelm Reich and explains the deeper meaning of his works and ideas...

When We Were Jung - Psychology and Alchemy

Explore the private rare book collection of C.G. Jung and his personal hand written excerpts. Discover the secrets of alchemy and psychology. Filmed at amazing locations like the House of C.G. Jung and other mystic places in Switzerland...

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